About Us: NGO Financial Statement and Report

Financial Statement & Report: Reputed Agriculture 4 Development (Reputed A4D) Stichting registered in The Netherlands

We are very pleased to share our first year of Financial Statement and Report for the period of 2019 – 2020 as seen below. As an NGO for public benefits, we have to be transparent on the Financial Management regarding ‘how we have received’ and ‘how we have used’ our funds to conduct activities for public benefits. The receipts of expenditure related to the financial report are available upon requested.

I. Reputed Agriculture 4 Development Stichting registered in The Netherlands on 25 April 2019

In this section, we have specifically prepared the financial report for the NGO registered in The Netherlands. This report included the trips from Ghana to The Netherlands in Jan 2019, for consultations with the The Royal Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (‘KvK’) in Arnhem, Notary and Tax and Accountant Advisory Office in Wageningen, The Netherlands. This NGO is built as ‘Stichting’ (ref. ‘Foundation’ in English), registered on 25 April 2019 in Wageningen. The important note to work outside of The Netherlands is that Reputed Agriculture 4 Development (RA4D) ‘Stichting’ becomes the umbrella for our efforts working in partnerships with NGOs (local and international), farmers’ associations, and universities (local and international) in the tropics (our reference: the code on Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI) given by The Royal Netherlands Chambers of Commerce (KvK) is 94995).

Our activities began in January 2019 with a number of consultations and visited a number of respected Netherlands Authorities up to get our registration on 25 April 2019, we have recorded some expenses of which needed to be recorded here as well. Therefore, we’d like to show it; and finally it has seen as a two years of fiscal financial report, e.g. Jan 2019 to Dec 2020.

We do excuse ourselves because we are yet to open our bank account in The Netherlands. Nevertheless, we have already opened our NGO bank account in Ghana, because our first step working outside of The Netherlands is in the country of Ghana. It has already planned to open this bank account in The Netherlands since June 2019. However, it is still ongoing effort.

The delay was due to un-expectation of various obstacles and reasons. This gives a consequence of being unable to show the initial and end of bank balance out of the Dutch bank account but we can report from our track record through the bookkeeping, in this section (Section I).

Generally speaking, we worked on setting up and establishing partnerships with various institutions based on our SBI No: KvK-94995, whether while I was in The Netherlands, trying to contact several Dutch Entities/NGOs or private sectors, and also, in Ghana (on both efforts of Erna Abidin and Ted Carey).

We also worked and strategised our niche and programs to be as our first or high priorities, including the SBI No: KvK-94997.

In this financial report, we mostly reported on a long-term Capital, such as the NGOs address, Relevant Expenditure, i.e., Preparation of the NGO in The Netherlands, Trips of Erna Abidin and Ted Carey to The Netherlands, Making the Website, and Service provider to sustain the website to run. The website is an obligation for us when managing a non-profit NGO (Stichting/Foundation). For the trips, we only considered the airplane tickets. The trips were meant for visiting and consultation with the Notary in Wageningen, KvK in Arnhem, and the Advisory Office for Finance and Fiscal Accountants in Wageningen.

For the capital, all of the four board members have contributed as in-kind (manpower) and/or borrowing some spaces and belonging, such as a piece of room for the offices, using the home address as the NGO addresses, i.e. The Netherlands and Ghana, use of laptops, telephones, etc. All expenses (cash withdrawing) were from the contributions from Erna Abidin and Ted Carey as ‘gifts’.

THE FIRST TWO FISCAL YEARS OF 2019-2020 IN WHICH THE FINANCIAL STATEMENT ARE BEING REPORTED (Jan 2019 – Dec 2020; referred to our statement written the paragraphs above)

Summary: A two Fiscal Year RA4D Financial Report/Statement (2019 to 2020) on Revenue and Expenses

The two fiscal year RA4D Financial Statement/Report (2019-2020) in Details


Dr. Erna Abidin
Voorzitter/Board of Directors (Leader/CEO)


Dr. Ted Carey
Penningmeester/ Board of Directors (Treasurer)

This Financial Report has already been seen and approved to be sufficient by the Advisory Office for Finance and Fiscal Accountants in Wageningen, The Netherlands through the email communication on 10 June 2020.

Notes: Exchange rates taken through the internet accordingly:

  • On 27 Jan 2019: Euro 1 = US $ 1.1414
  • On 2 May 2019: Euro 1 = US $ 1.1175
  • On 15 March 2019: Euro 1 = US $ 1.1335
  • On 31 March 2019: 1 US $ = Euro 0.90694
  • On 17 Jan 2020: US $ 1 = Euro 0.90166
  • On 5 Feb 2020: Euro 1 = US $ 1.1020
  • On 25 April 2019: Euro 1 = US $ 1.1138
  • On 2 May 2019: Euro 1 = US $ 1.1175
  • On 6 July 2019: US $ 1 = Euro 0.92721
  • On 9 Dec 2019: US $ 1 = Euro 0.90384
  • On 20 Feb 2020: US $ 1 = Euro 0.92703
  • On 12 March 2020: Euro 1 = US $ 1.1183

There is no change at the Capital Session. It remains as it is up to the current financial fiscal year 2021.

II. Reputed Agriculture 4 Development Foundation Limited by Guarantee registered in Ghana on 16 September 2019 and RA4D Foundation as National NGO in Ghana (Reg #: D.S.W./9647)

Our first step of developing the activities was in Ghana. This was because we have already been working and living in this country, i.e. Dr. Ted Carey has worked and lived in Ghana since the year of 2010. Dr. Erna Abidin has worked and lived in Ghana since the year of 2014. It was wisely and logically to start our first work through this newly established NGO in the country, where we have already been there.

We are familiar with this country, have established good contacts with relevant government officers, and other stakeholders. Furthermore, we have shown our successful contributions towards agricultural development, e.g. Sweetpotato Intervention from the past projects working at the CGIAR-CIP in West Africa, included Ghana. Indeed, we have already established our strong partnerships both with some institutions and individual people.

This was our reason that we registered our RA4D NGO on 16 Sep 2019 given its functions as (i) Foundation of which its members is Limited by Guarantee and (2) Also received a certificate ‘to Commence Business’. In this Section II, we do our financial statement as a ‘Foundation’. We are glad to share our financial report in Ghana as our first fiscal year of 15 months being existed (Sep 2019 to Dec 2020) and the Fiscal year 2020 and 2021.

In September 2020, we have hired an assistant accountant thru a contract-base performance for a few months. This accountant has experienced with working for our (i.e. Ted Carey and Erna Abidin) projects from CGIAR-CIP in Tamale office until mid year of 2020.

Since both founders from Reputed Agriculture 4 Development Stichting registered in The Netherlands, Drs. Erna Abidin and Ted Carey who are also the Founders for Reputed Agriculture 4 Development Foundation registered in Ghana. We have several Ghanaians as our local partners to work together with Erna Abidin and Ted Carey at ‘RA4D Foundation‘ in Ghana. For the Financial Report in Ghana, both RA4D logos were used (Ref. SBI No: KvK-94995 and KvK-94997). The Capital for this Foundation is remained the same with RA4D Stichting and it has already been reported previously.

Notary Registered number:CG109862019
Reg. No as National NGO in Ghana on a basis of a yearly-registration feeD.S.W./9647
Tax Payer No (TIN):C0029989485
Date of Incorporation:16-Sep-2019
Address:Plot 52, Block A, Kokobra, Fumesua, AE-0457-7331, Ejisu Juaben, Ashanti, Kumasi
Incorporated under the Companies Act 1963 (ACT 179), having two certificates:(i) Certificate of Incorporation: The liability of its members is limited by guarantee; (ii) Certificate to Commence Business (Sections 27 and 28 of the Companies Act 1963, Act 179)
Social media (MENU):https://reputeda4d.nl/

Reputed Agriculture 4 Development (RA4D) Foundation
FINANCIAL STATEMENTS reported by the Auditors of Ayeh – Yirenkyi Consultancy Services (Chartered Accountants), Accra, Ghana

2.1. For Fiscal of 2020 with its year ended on 31 Dec, 2020 (In Ghana Cedi = GHc). Exchange rate between 01 Dec 2020 – 31 Jan 2021: GHc 1 = USD 0.17137; and Euro 1 = GHc 7.09658

In year of 2020, we had two short projects in Ghana, from which we could generate small incomes for the NGO, namely ‘Indirect Costs’ based on the contributions of Drs. Erna Abidin and Ted Carey. This Indirect Costs were taken in a certain percentages from their Service-fees (Ref. Detailed Fiscal Financial Report of 2020) . From one of our projects (two months of implementation) we have created an employment in Ghana for technical support in agriculture for development, they worked in a contract basis. We also gave a small allowance for the National Agricultural Research and Extension (NARES). From all the staff payment including Erna Abidin and Ted Carey, the With-holding-taxes (WHTs) were collected from their individual income taxes in Ghana and then paid them to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) in the beginning of 2021.

The exchange rate in 2020 was used based on certain funding sources, such as VIAD project funded by the local private sector of Ghana and the International Potato Center (CIP) funded three months of activities in Oct, Nov, and Dec 2020.
The Exchange rates from US $ to Ghana cedi (GHS) were taken based on various exchange rates in July, Oct and Dec 2020 consecutively when claiming the service fees submitted to VIAD project in Ghana
Exchange rate from US $ to Ghana cedi (GHS) received from the CIP HQ in Lima Peru when this institution transferred each tranche of funding project in 2020

2.2. For the Fiscal 2021 with its year ended on 31 Dec, 2021 (In Ghana Cedi = GHc). The exchange rate between 01 Dec 2021 – 31 Jan 2022: USD 1 = Ghc 6.0433; and USD 1 = Euro 0.14633

The exchange rate to Ghana cedi in 2021 was used based on certain funding sources, such as Beotanics variety trial project in Euro (Jan – Nov 2021) and the International Potato Center (CIP) in USD but received in Ghana cedi based on the Exchange rate in Lima Peru. This organization funded the 12 months of project activities from Jan to Dec 2021.

What did the RA4D NGO contribute to Ghana thru 31 Dec 2022?

We are happy to accomplish part of our mission, although it is small but beautiful!

In 2019-2020:

  • Establishment of Sweetpotato seed system linkages between private sector and private company of which selling the clean planting material and true-to-type variety. This was done by the two designated experts, RA4D Stichting and Foundation in Ghana.
  • The two designated Experts of RA4D Stichting and Foundation have guided and helped 7 private companies to develop various businesses in sweetpotato crop from seed production to handling its value chains in Ghana.
  • Training of some private sector extension officers, government extension officers, field officers in Ghana on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and sweetpotato postharvest handling by the two designated Experts, RA4D Stichting and Foundation.
  • Involved in a number of project proposal submissions by the two Designated Experts of RA4D Stichting and Foundation.
  • Participating in a number of webinars with some valuable contributions by both designated experts mentioned above.
  • Creating job opportunities to 2 designated experts, RA4D Stichting and Foundation, 9 young professional Ghanaians as well as a number of temporary labours working on the sweetpotato projects and RA4D program activities in Ghana.
  • Contributing to Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA): US $ 840 (GHS 4,910.30) from the individual ‘With Holding Taxes’ through the NGO.
  • Generating some NGO incomes from the Overhead institution to sustain other programs in Ghana through the generosity of the two designated experts, RA4D Stichting and Foundation.

In 2021

  • Reputed A4D Stichting and Foundation have established good collaborative work with Kofi Annan Foundation, International Potato Center (CIP), and CGIAR – Bioversity International as we have produced project outcomes readily for scale. Reputed A4D was also among the AGRA-consortium project on the Demand Creation and Impact Scaling for orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) in Ghana.
  • We had 6 contract-base projects: (i) two projects were with a professional collaborative contract with consistent funding received from the reliable secondary donors (big international organization). Therefore, we could employ several people including an accountant, and sponsored several scientists to participate in the international conferences, in person and virtual participation. We produced good project outcomes to see good impacts. (ii) one project was a short contract project aimed to administratively support the final work of the Ghanaian PhD under CGIAR-RTB project. (iii) one was a project to support the international private company from outside of Ghana who tried to find out if their sweetpotato seed business could be made in Ghana while the other two projects were to support the Ghanaian private companies to work on orange-fleshed sweetpotato. However, all projects at No (iii) were done more to be a voluntary work. A total of 17 people received small contracts from the projects under RA4D NGO in Ghana. 15 people were Ghanaian nationalities of which two were from the National Agricultural Researches (NARs). out of 17, 2 were the RA4D experts, the two board members were mandated as they managed to establish projects in Ghana.
  • A total of withholding taxes (7.5%) paid by RA4D to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) were Ghc 24,058.10 (US $ 3,980.95 or Euro 3,520.42). Income taxes came from 15 Ghanaians were GHc 7,360.86 (US $ 1,218.02 or Euro 1,077.12) and the income taxes from 2 RA4D Experts were GHc 16,697.24 (US $ 2,762.93 or Euro 2,443.31) of each paid as much as GHc 8,348.62 (US $ 1,381.47 or Euro 1,221, 66) as the personal income tax. The two experts were Ted Carey (US nationality) and Erna Abidin (Netherland nationality) who have paid their income tax of the 2021 fiscal year in Ghana.

The WHTs of 2021 paid by RA4D to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is there is an increase of 389.95 % seen against the WHTs paid in 2020. This is, indeed, a good news from the contribution from our team in Ghana to support the agriculture sector and sustainable development programs of Ghana.

  • We have concluded that at least through our NGO, the Reputed Agric4Dev Stichting and Foundation could contribute to the success of 8 UN-SDGs (SDG 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13, 15, and 17) by 2030.

2.2. For the Fiscal 2022 with its year ended on 31 Dec, 2022 (In Ghana Cedi = GHc). The exchange rate in Dec 2022: USD 1 = Ghc 13.050 ; and USD 1 = Euro 0.9404


The Statement of Income and Expenditure is set out accordingly.

In 2022

We have finalized the remaining projects such as AGRA Scaling on OFSP in Ghana up to March 2022; and Tricot Scaling for Sweetpotato on-farm variety selection using the Citizen Science technology up to March 2022. The number of employment remains intact accordingly, until the project has completed. At this Youtube you will find the final Multistakeholder meeting of AGRA consortium managing the AGRA Scaling project on OFSP held on 16 Feb 2022. One scientific publication has been produced from the successful work done on TRICOT Scaling on farm. The final results of Tricot Scaling sweetpotato variety selection on farm was written on the APA 2022 Poster Session in Malawi. Information on the research findings is published elsewhere.

In Dec 2022, we won the Scientific competition offered by OneCGIAR Breeding and Gender case study in Ghana and Malawi. this writing work in collaboration with two scientists from other institutions formerly involved in the projects from which case study was done. The final paper is completed in March 2023 and the publication of this case study will be released on the International Scientific peer reviewed Journal Articles.


In 2022, as stated above, we did not have new projects but we did finalize the two projects started in the previous years as stated in our activities financed by two projects, such as AGRA Scaling project on OFSP in Ghana, Tricot Scaling project funded by CGIAR-RTB Scaling project and feasibility Study for Beotanics Ltd that seeking their business opportunities on sweetpotato planting materials in Ghana. The individual income taxes in Ghana through WHTs through RA4D LBG could only be collected from RA4D relatively long-term contracted staff. A total of WHTs paid by RA4D LBG in the Fiscal Year of 2022 was GHS 14,117.92 (USD 1,081.83) in which Dr. Erna Abidin (Netherlands) paid as much as GHS 6,923.96 (USD 530.57; Euro 498.95); Dr. Ted Carey (USA) paid as much as GHS 6,923.96 (USD 530.57); and Ghanaians based contract (one farm manager and 3 staff) with RA4D LBG paid as much as GHS 270.00.


One of the purposes of Tax-clearance is to renew yearly RA4D LBG registration at the Department Social Welfare of The Republic of Ghana.

In this year (2022), The Reputed Agric4Dev Stichting/Foundation has expanded areas of project management, in Malawi and Nigeria. The Executive directors were busy on organizing their managements including opening the bank accounts in each country,

III. Reputed Agriculture 4 Development, a Private Limited by Guarantee (RA4D Limited) registered as National Entity in Malawi on 30 July 2022 with its Reg No: COYG-WZFO3D.

IV. ‘Reputed Agriculture 4 Development Foundation (RA4D)’ is in a process of registration as a national NGO in Nigeria. The NGO name, the RA4D Foundation, has been accepted by the Federal Government of Nigeria in Aug 2022 announced through mass media on 12 Sep 2022.

In 2023

The Executive Board Directors of RA4D Stichting/Foundation (i.e. Drs. Erna Abidin and Ted Carey as well as Marjolein Ebregt) are voluntarily working on projects opportunities in Ghana, Nigeria and Malawi, as well as at HQ in The Netherlands

We have had no project activities, however, our Executive Directors have worked voluntarily to seek projects opportunities, such as

  • Registered our NGO in Ghana at USA Federal Government, we have successfully received Unique Entity ID: XTXAX6DE2793.
  • Registered our NGO in Nigeria to avoid being suspected of dealing with Money Laundering. On 28 February 2023, we have received a Certificate of Registration at the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML) with the Reg No. 151417258.
  • Engaging RA4D Stichting and Foundation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Royal Netherlands Government on their current project on Sustainable Development Program in 2023 for our NGO locally registered in Ghana and in Nigeria. This effort is led by the The NGO Netherland Entity, RA4D Stichting at HQ in Wageningen, The Netherlands. The progress of this effort is in the early step.
  • Early of this year, we have submitted our Concept Note to the USAID funding project in Northern Ghana. Workshops organized by the USAID team were also participated prior to the preparation of writing the Concept Note and Budget.
  • There would be a strategy to approach the UN Development program in Malawi. We have already done our first approach of introducing our NGO registered locally in Malawi to the appropriate person in July 2023.

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