We are happy to inform you that we have officially closed this vacancy from today, 23 Oct 2020. Thank you for anyone who was interested in this position but did not have any chances to work with us. We will contact you again when we have more projects in the future. We have selected the person suitable for the job written in our vacancy below.

An Accountant & Admin assistant is needed in Ghana

Since our NGO looks like growing fast in Ghana. Therefore, we urgently need an accountant and could also function as admin.

At this moment, this position will be on a temporary or contractual basis. Once, our NGO has established very well, and if this chosen candidate has shown an excellent ability and capability at work, there has a promotion of reaching an excellent position at the NGO top management.

The ‘NGO motto’: ‘Every staff builds strong team in a clean work-culture environment, and respects with each other‘. We believe in, that together, we can reach much more valuable and excellent results and many more people can get benefits out of our work and it should be sustainability.

Job description

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Assist in the preparation of monthly bank reconciliations; 
  • Assist in preparation of the monthly cash position; 
  • Assist in control and management of fixed assets; 
  • Office Insurance management (including vehicles); 
  • Assist with analysis of advance accounts; 
  • Preparation of Payment Vouchers and issuance of cheques; 
  • Maintain a register of cheques issued and dispatched; 
  • Management of petty cash accounts and reimbursements; 
  • Filing all SSF, PAYE, VAT, etc. returns with relevant state institutions in Ghana; 
  • Assist with daily recording of transactions and reporting into the accounting system; 
  • Filing of accounting information duly supported by invoices or contracts and other relevant back up documentation; and 
  • Perform any other duties that will be assigned. 


  • Assist with travel arrangements for staff; 
  • Assist with arranging staff meetings and taking minutes; 
  • Assist with preparation of Bank draft requests, telegraphic transfer requests and maintaining a file on the transactions; 
  • Assist to maintain, record and process staff leave/vacation days; 
  • Assist to arrange for work permits, duty exemptions, clearances for visitors and equipment (VAT, Re-entry Pass, Renewals etc); 
  • Checking expiry dates of VAT exemption, road license and inspection; 
  • Preparation of renewals forms and forwarding to the Ministry and relevant government offices;
  • Prepare and maintain a vehicle log book and cost allocation system; 
  • Handling motor vehicle follow-up that ensures timely maintenance and servicing; 
  • Ensuring availability of office stationery and sundry; 
  • Assist in maintaining inventory of office equipment and supplies; 
  • Handle telephone calls, receive and assist visitors to the office; 
  • Maintenance of office equipment and machines; 
  • Organise and maintain filling system; 
  • Supervise office cleanliness; and 
  • Perform any other duties that will be assigned. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 


  • Previous experience with financial management systems; 
  • Excellent command of English, both written and spoken. 
  • Competence with MS office and accounting software packages; 
  • Demonstrate a well-developed service and customer oriented approach, good teamwork and interpersonal skills; 
  • Excellent personal organization and priority setting; and 
  • Ability to focus on and maintain high quality service. 


  • Previous experience with financial management systems at a CGIAR Center. 
  • General secretarial skills, including competence with Microsoft Word. 
  • Ghanaian Nationality

Please submit an application with your up-to-dated cv to Reputed Agriculture 4 Development Foundation in Ghana through the email address at Contact US . We will acknowledge candidates on the result of this application. Thank you for your attention.