Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why did we choose our NGO’s name by using the word ‘Reputed’? As this word has more negative in its meaning. By the way it is not a catchy word either for a such great NGO in the future.

Answer: Indeed, “Reputed“, is not a catchy word to quickly build and establish such as an NGO and/or a business. However, we are happy to choose this word of ‘Reputed’ as we learned from Ghana, Malawi or in Indonesia, where people usually like to combine the first word or two from the names of people or places when they named their business or their children. In this case, RePuTed is an acronym of “Refer to Putri and Ted” who are with their passion wanting to continue the unfinished works on Research for Development in the developing world or the countries in the tropics. In another acronym is “Refer to ‘Puti-puti’ (‘Princesses’)* from Chaniago Sumagek* in Alang Laweh, Padang City in West Sumatra of Indonesia”; together with Dr. Ted Carey, we have a passion to work on research for development in the tropics. We ‘d also like to acknowledge Prof. Rudy Rabbinge who has his willingness to be part of the Advisory Board members in The Netherlands and Mr. Emmanuel K. Darkey as part of the Executive Directors for Ghana.

  • What is the mission of this NGO?

Answer: our mission and values can be read in this link. You can continue reading about our NGO, too.

  • As a new NGO, you won’t be able to show a great result. You won’t be able to have an appropriate financial report. How will you handle this issue while you want to bring this NGO to be eligible of getting a funding project?

Answers: We have realised this problem. Many people are easily showing their doubt on a newly established NGO. However, as we have our domain expertise (ref. Services), indeed, we are not new in this world of working, we are a domain expertise with respect to certain areas of development, including the Research for Development.

Moreover, our approach on partnerships has been recognised and appreciated by most donors and stakeholders to be one of the successful approaches. We believe that together with others, we can meet project outcomes with an extra-ordinary result. This meets a satisfaction of farmers and people in the target and rural areas.

  • Do we have a simple calculation on sweetpotato vine multiplication for a field planning on vine commercialisation?

Answer: Yes. We do provide this simple calculation on vine multiplication in our NGO website.

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*Notes: Putri or Puti means Princess. The ‘Google Translate Program‘ can translate each news into English language by clicking the right mouse of your computer or laptop, choose: ‘English Translation’. In this way, you will understand more about the content and enjoy the historical news from West Sumatra, Indonesia. Thank you for your attention 🙏