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Having worked in development-oriented agricultural research for most of our careers, we have conducted successful projects that we feel have laid the foundations, but not yet achieved our final objectives of delivering benefits to many end-users in line with the sustainable development goals. Thus our work remains unfinished, and as we move away from our old professional institutions having reached the age of retirement or because of termination of project funding, we feel the profound need to carry on our work with many of the same partners and beneficiaries. This desire gave rise to the Reputed Agriculture 4 Development (RA4D) ‘Stichting’ (in The Netherlands) or ‘Foundation’, namely as RA4D Limited by Guarantee (Ghana); in RA4D Limited (Malawi); and RA4D in Nigeria.


A. Reputed Agriculture 4 Development ‘Stichtingas the ‘Netherland NGO’

The Reputed Agriculture 4 Development (RA4D) Stichting was registered at the office of Wageningen Municipality on 25 April 2019 through the Smit & Moormann Notariaat Office in Wageningen, with its registration no: 69348/JS/LB. The NGO aims for the common good and it has no profit earmarks. An application to be considered as a Public Benefit Institution (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling – ANBI) is in a process.

As an NGO, we have registered it at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel – KvK) in Arnhem on 29 April 2019, however, the function of the NGO started by 25 April 2019. Its Kvk Registration no is 74688499 and RESIN no 859993176 of which later, this is also as Tax number: 8599.93.176 of the Reputed Agriculture 4 development per 1 May 2019. For the Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI), The Netherland Chamber of Commerce (KvK) has given the authorisation on: (1) Advocacy activities (SBI-code 94997); and (2) being ‘Umbrella, cooperation and advisory bodies, not in the field of health and welfare care, sport and recreation but in ‘Agricultural Development’ through the establishment of partnerships, the partnerships within the private and public sector, including international and national organisations and educational institutions (SBI-code 94995).

B. Reputed Agriculture 4 Development (RA4D) which is registered in Ghana

The Reputed Agriculture 4 Development (RA4D) Stichting is registered in Ghana. This NGO is under the umbrella body of RA4D Stichting registered in The Netherlands based on its SBI-code: 94995. It is namely RA4D Limited by Guarantee.

The RA4D is incorporated under the Companies Act 1963 (ACT 179), having two certificates:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation that the liability of its members is limited by guarantee;
  2. Certificate to Commence Business that the Foundation is having complied with the provisions of Sections 27 and 28 of the Companies Act, 1963, Act 179, is entitled to commence business with the effect from 16 September 2019.

The registration of this RA4D organisation was in Accra, Ghana, on 16 September 2019. The Registration no is CG109862019 and its Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) C0029989485.

The NGO as a ‘Foundation’ has the objectives:

  • To educate farmers on climate change and how to produce their products;
  • To provide basic needs for farmers to sustainably strengthen their skills, knowledge and capacity on farmings.

The Netherland-Ghana RA4D Foundation has three important functions: (i) CEO covering responsibility all over the NGO activities, mission and vision. The Executive Directors has agreed with mandating Dr. Erna Abidin to sit for this position; (ii) Director of Research for Development, Prof. Dr. Edward (Ted) Carey) has been mandated for this chair; and both are the Founders, and then (iii) Director for Developing Partnerships, Mr. Emmanuel K. Darkey, a ‘Ghanaian Partner’.

According to the executive board meeting, we agreed with an authorisation for board members to lead any projects. Every authorised person is eligible to get payment from the funding project brought into NGO as long as the project(s) having activities for the public benefits. This includes the payment from any local- and/or international private companies, other NGOs as supervision-fees, consultancy contracts, etc. This job-creation for the board of and/or executive directors is expected to help generate incomes for the NGO as financial resources. We need to handle any crucial things for the admin and so on.

C. RA4D Foundation Registered as National NGO in Ghana, RA4D Limited by Guarantee.

In 2020, RA4D has registered in Ejisu Municipal Assembly, Ejisu-Ashanti in Kumasi as a National NGO in Ghana. The National NGO registration is annually renewable.

For the National NGO, the RA4D Foundation of which having the three Executive members registered in Sep 2019 are maintained. Each of member is sitting in the same position as well as being mandated in earlier stage during our executive meetings in Ghana. As a National-Registered NGO, we have certificate recognition with its registration number: D.S.W./9647. This certificate is annually updated to pay the fees to the Social Welfare of Ghana. By holding this certificate, the RA4D Dutch-Ghanaian NGO will be eligibly applying a resident- and work permit for the NGO project-staff who is working and staying in Ghana as long as they have the duty to work.

D. RA4D Stichting Registered as National NGO in Nigeria, namely Reputed Agric 4 Grassroots Development Foundation Kwara with its acronym as RA4D in Nigeria.

In 2022, RA4D has registered in Abuja as a National NGO in Nigeria, with its Certificate Incorporation No. : 186338 dated on 19 Aug 2022 with some changes of the executive members by resolution dated on 9 Sep 2022.

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