About Us: NGO Narrative Report


This is the Narrative Report of the NGO, Reputed Agric4Dev (RA4D) Stichting established in The Netherlands on 25 April 2019 and Reputed Agric4Dev Foundation and Limited by Guarantee registered in Ghana on 16 September 2019. The NGO registered in Ghana has an additional function, having been able to commence to business in Ghana. A year later, e.g. it was on 19 Nov 2020, RA4D has been annually registered at the Social Welfare as a National NGO in Ghana, its registration number, D.S.W./9647.

Based on the given information above, RA4D in general, could do some field operational efforts to see the impacts in the agricultural sustainability.

Our Focus in 2019 to 2021 is on Sweetpotato Production and Value Chains

From the two key actors of RA4D Stichting and Foundation, Drs. Ted Carey and Erna Abidin having their intensive experiences leading the sweetpotato proof-of-concept projects in a number of countries in Sub-Sahara Africa, based on the previous job with other international organisation, they could build and identify several important components on the pathway of sweetpotato and its value chains, a roadmap for its sustainability. The process of scaling can be easily done accordingly. Each innovation component in the map above can be handled according to the scaling readiness approach.

The identified components written in the map are collected from the experiences in the past 25 years from Uganda, Malawi, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Nigeria. Dr. Erna Abidin has prepared this roadmap. It started from sweetpotato production to various market opportunities along with its value chains and linkages between research and production, transportation/packaging management and its adding values.

The readers can learn from it. This result is from her personal working experiences. No personal conflict of interests is in this presentation. Anyone can gain or use it as a basic thought to start with, however, we’d be happy to acknowledge our NGO, RA4D as a source of information as necessary. The intellectual property of this sweetpotato value chain roadmap should belong to the RA4D NGO. As our NGO is for public benefits, this could be part of our services to benefit people who are interested in playing any roles for sweetpotato sustainability.

Here, we provided reports from our NGO can be seen as part of our activities from which being considered as a roadmap with a clear path to reach a sustainable sweetpotato value chains in a business model.

Summary Report: April 2019 through Dec 2021, reported on 31 Jan 2022


Report Period: 2019 to 2020 reported through 30 April 2020



Concluding Remarks

Mostly, we have met all our targets in which we emphasised on establishing and strengthening our partnerships, either from the existing partners from our previous jobs or the newly important ones regarding research and development in the tropical countries.

Kofi Annan Foundation has brought us into part of a consortium to implement the AGRA funding project, ‘Demand Creation and Impact Scaling Project for Orange-fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP)’ in Ghana. There was a delay of implementing the two year AGRA project which was unexpected. However, based on the AGRA project team meeting on 1 Dec 2020, this project will be condensed into one-year project while the funding project remains intact as it was initially planned by the AGRA team/Stakeholders. The board members in Ghana are mandated to work on this project, however, Mr. Emmanuel Darkey will be separately managing his own company, ‘E-Darkey and Associates Ltd’ of which is among the AGRA funding beneficiaries. They will be directly receiving their funding to run their own program in Ghana. Only two members, i.e. Dr Ted Carey and Dr Erna Abidin are valued by the Kofi Annan Foundation as a Domain Expertise with respect to OFSP in Ghana. Our NGO board members believe in: our NGO could bring this ‘AGRA Scaling Project for OFSP’ up to a success of OFSP project in Ghana. We need to work together with other stakeholders. Therefore, working together in good partnerships will accomplish a success and could clearly show impacts! The AGRA program is a multi-partner project.

Our motto is ‘working together with others will produce more results benefitting many more people in rural areas’. Respect and acknowledge each others, including empowering women and youth (women and men) are above all in our priorities.

You are welcome to see more information about our NGO thru its Menu, Contact US, About Us, NGO Portfolio and projects, or re-clicking a specific information such as Sweetpotato Multiplication for commercialisation by small-scale farmers, Golden Gari from 50:50OFSP and Cassava, etc.