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“With partners, we foster environmentally friendly, community-based sustained agricultural development”

Framework information about Reputed Agriculture for Development (Agric4Dev) Stichting and international affiliates


Despite efforts in many developing countries, employment opportunities for rural poor, women and youth are often limited and poverty still persists. Development efforts to date have yielded results, but with respect to the rural poor, there is a need for continued work to reach and touch the lives of many yet to feel the transformations anticipated by the Sustainable Development Goals. Increasing private investment towards sustainable community based agricultural development, profitable and nutritious farming systems, and climate smart agriculture are the focus of our work in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Ensuring ownership and benefits to youth, women and men are at the heart of our program.


We deal with agriculture for development in these areas:

  • Establish partnerships and consortia within the private and public sector, including international and national organisations, and educational institutions.
  • Develop projects and mobilise resources.
  • Elevate communities from poverty to prosperity, foster social harmony and stability, engage youth and women, strengthen skills, knowledge, and entrepreneurship.
Sweetpotato training model considering GAP, smart agriculture, minimum tillage for soil conservation and local available fertiliser such as chicken manure (El-Green Agro-business Limited, Ghana, one of private companies of which we have given our services as an agricultural expert).

Where we work

While we are in a process to register as a tax-exempt Foundation in the Netherlands, we work in developing countries where we have knowledge and contacts. Currently we are engaged in the following:

  • Headquarters in the Netherlands where we are linked to partners in knowledge organisations, and the private and development sectors. We are legalised registered by a Notary in Wageningen, Netherland tax and fiscal offices and Chamber of commerce (KvK) in Arnhem. For further information, please click here.
  • In Ghana, we are a legally registered NGO with a Ghanaian partner as a member of the Executive Councils, a clarification of this info is here. A prominent university educator will be a member of our Advisory Committee. We have our collaborations with private and public sector.
  • In Indonesia, we are registering as an NGO, with prominent education and private sector member of our Advisory Committee (furthermore, read the Section ‘Meet the Team‘). We have developed collaborations with the Ministry of Agriculture, YAMPI (The Indonesian Agricultural Society Charity Foundation) and private sector partners.

What we plan to do

Since our last job in Ghana working on Sweetpotato, i.e. Orange-fleshed sweetpotato, we are initially focusing on this crop which we know so well. We are working to help producers and other value chain actors achieve the potential of the crop to sustainably contribute to health and wealth.

However, we are by no means solely focused on sweetpotato but rather on mix of nutritious crops and animals that can contribute to healthy and sustainable food and farming systems. This includes diversified approaches to holistic management of agricultural waste and reduction of post-harvest losses.

With your help, we can build a strong team as well as being able to maintain a clean work culture environment, and respect each other. We believe, we will reach much more valuable and excellent results which are almost being neglected before …